Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Last Fangs in NYC for 2012

Thank you all for your business this year at the New York Fangshop and hope to see you again in my 2012 fang tour.  I hope you had a GREAT Halloween and enjoyed your fangs.
I am going to be making fangs last minute at Halloween Adventure in the NYC Fangshop on Thursday November 10th all day and the morning of the 11th... This is my last stop on my fang tour for 2011 in the USA until I return for the New York Vampire Ball in March.  So if you are interested in getting teeth, repairs, upgrades, tuneups,. etc. this is your last chance..  Choose to take an appointment by buying a ticket or e-mail me at and I will confirm your time.  Of course I am taking walkins all day.  
Check out my fang page at for more details on my custom made fangs.

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