Friday, November 11, 2011

Vampyre Virtues "The Red Veils"

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ISBN-13: 978-0615537771 Pages: 148 Language: English Price: $16.66
Published by Press September 2011
French, German and Spanish Editions coming soon...

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"The definitive introduction to Vampyre Culture & Philosophy."

Vampyre Virtues “The Red Veils” is first book in history dedicated to furthering and defining “Vampyre Culture.” Written to inspire and challenge the reader through a lexicon presenting 100+ words of power related to the vampire mythos. Each Virtue promoting personal evolution and embracing the Vampyre Spirit with some examples including Primal Nature, Romance, Mystery, Transhumanism, Music, Culture, Glamour, Elegance, Courtesy, Chivalry, Immortality, Magick and Sensuality.

Each Virtue is beautifully presented with the design of French conceptual artist William Vocant and an enticingly written forward by vampire author Gabirelle Faust. What makes this book unique and special is the fact it was written from the inspirations of over two decades of close interaction between Father Sebastiaan and his fang clients. This cumulative knowledge is presented to the reader in a simple and easily understandable format.

"A definitive perspective of modern Vampyre culture written by one of the most experienced thinkers in the international community."
Dr. Mark Benecke, German Vampire Expert & Forensic Psychologist.

“I always have great consideration about the work of Father Sebastian, I love him as fangsmith, and I love him as an author too! Vampyre Virtues is a tome which every single vampire on the earth should read.”

Sonya Scarlet, Theatresdes Vampires lead vocals

“Vampyre Virtues is a tome which can bring the reader into the possibility that we can be charged and embrace the best attributes of the darkest anti-hero of our modern age’ the vampire.”
Magister Mael, Grande Magister of the Ordo Strigoi Vii

“This book reminds me of the Secret by Rhonda Byrne but written with the perspective of the vampire archetype.”
Adrian Lumley, Father Sebastiaan’s fang client from 1997