Father Sebastiaan is perhaps the most controversial of the central personalities in the Vampyre / vampire subculture.  Joining the community in 1992 he is considered to be one of the most influential figures on modern Vampyrism / vampirism with his contributions in the areas of philosophy, fangmaking and nightlife. He is also an avid student of chaos magick and a student of European history and culture.

He has been called the “Vampyre Renaissance Man”, and “A bizarre mix of Jim Morrison, Hugh Hefner and Aleister Crowley” by many of his comrades.  

In 1995 he started Clan Sabretooth and his own fangmaking company in New York City called SABRETOOTH. His collaboration with legendary nightlife empress Chi Chi Valenti at MOTHER nightclub produced Long Black Veil, one of the longest running Vampyre events in the city. Large scale events have included The Vampyre Ball of Gotham and The Endless Night Festival in New Orleans. He created, published and distributed Vampyre magazine, numerous editions of The Vampyre Almanac and guides to Fetish nightlife called Xorivia. 

He is the original composer of the Black Veil, the most well know code of ethics for the Vampyre movement, which was first published.  In 2002 he crossed the Atlantic and created the Vampyre club events Black Xion in Amsterdam and Black Lutetia/Le Klub Vampyre in Paris.

Currently he is working on three books including Vampyre: the Sanguinomicon, Mysteries of Paris "The Dark Guide to the City of Lights" and Testimonials of the Vampyre Sebastiaan, a history of the Vampyre community.

Sebastiaan has appeared on numerous television programs including WPIX, A&E, CNN, Discovery Channel, History Channel, National Geographic, USA Up All Night and MTV Oddville.  He was also featured as a central character in the French documentary and book Vampyres Reality is Stranger than Fiction by Laurent Courau of La He has been interviewed and written about in Cosmopolitan, The New York Times, The Financial Times, InStyle Magazine, Glamour, Tattoo Savage, Skin Two and Time Out New York. 

"I am not only an American, I am a New Yorker" is what Sebastiaan says about himself and gives a clue to his personal identity and love for the city he will always consider home. In addition to his beloved Gotham, Sebastiaan has lived in Amsterdam, Philadelphia, Dubai and Berlin. He now resides full-time in Paris, France pursuing his endeavors.  His future projects with his new tour company Mysteries of Paris Ghost Tours and reality show FangShop based on Miami / LA Ink to air on and Itunes.