Here are the shows and events Father Sebastiaan will be appearing at in the future...  If you would like to book Sebastiaan for an appearance or event in North America please contact Gregg Sullivan.  Dates are subject to change so please refer to this OFFICIAL page for more information and updates.


Fri.Nov.25 - Paris Vampire Ball - Vampyre Virtues, French Edition release party @ Le Klub.
Sat.Dec.3 - Dance Macabre Vampire Ball, Belgium
Dec.28-30 – Haunted Tattoos, London
Fri.Dec.30 – Club Anti-Christ, London


Feb.4-5 – Paris Manga, Paris

Feb.14-22 – Carnival Venice, private vampire parties

Mar.8-10 – NY Fangshop @ Halloween Adventure

Mar.10 - Endless Night; New York Vampire Ball @ Drom
Apr.21 - Endless Night; Paris Vampire Ball
May.25-28 - Wave Gotik Treffen, Leipzig Germany
Fri.Jun.8 – Club Anti-Christ, London
Jun.15-17 - Hellfest France
Jul.5-8 - Comicon Paris
Aug.31-Sept.3 - DragonCon, Atlanta GA
Oct.6 – Endless Night; New York Vampire Ball @ Drom
Oct.11-14 - New York Comicon
Oct.26-31 - Fangsmithing in New Orleans
Oct.27 - Endless Night; New Orleans Vampire Ball