Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Amsterdam Ghost Walk

During my trip to Amsterdam last weekend I got the opportunity to take the Amsterdam Ghost Walk with the storyteller guide Bart (yes just like Bart Simpson). This is one of the missions I had on this trip to Amsterdam. Since it is not a regularly scheduled tour I had to take a private tour option. So I got to bring some of my friends.

We took the tour on a Sunday evening with my buds which included photographer Peter Diablo, his lady Mari, my long time friend Valeria Alexander and my buddy Erick Thelema. It was really cool as Erick had his first time in Amsterdam and the rest of us were very familiar with Adam (because I lived there almost three years from 2002-2005.

Bart was very mysterious when we met at the pub and kept his character through the 90 minutes and 8-10 stores he presented. What was most interesting is that he took the role of the characters in the stories playing out each personality. My favorite story was about a surgon who met the Zaar of Russia and sold him his entire collection of medical oddities. Of course there were ghosts and witches, demons and lovers.

Afterwards we got to Tara Irish Pub where we started, which is located at 87-89 Rokin and had some drinks. Bart and I jammed about different ideas and concepts on our skills as storytellers and of course enjoyed the night with him showing us some stuff which was not on the tour! LOL

I highly suggest if you go to Amsterdam and want something different than smoking up and looking at the hookers check out this tour!

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